Offline data encryption & cold storage.

Safeguard your organization's data without relying on a third party.

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Security for all

FrostByte enables anyone to secure anything. Create multiple Vaults for you and your team, and even enable dynamic security for different personnel across your organization.

Secure passwords
Secure crypto keys
Secure 2FA seeds
Secure anything

A self-sovereign solution

FrostByte is the first self-sovereign solution to unify the features of hardware wallets, third party custodians, and password managers.

Designed for all use cases

From individuals to SMB's to enterprise.

Individuals who

Use cryptocurrency
Use password managers
Use software/hardware wallets

SMB's who

Work on cryptocurrency projects
Custody customer assets
Promote self-sovereign security

Enterprises that

Need to manage data encryption
Need to manage digital asset keys
Currently rely on third party custodians