How does it work?

FrostByte puts military-grade encryption at your fingertips with a flexible user-defined governance framework so you can safeguard your data on your terms.

Never rely on cloud storage or third-party custodians again—our innovative vault tool lets you store and protect secret data on your personal device, in your full possession. And with multi-user vault access, FrostByte allows data authority to be decentralized among a group of select individuals.

This revolutionary app sets a new standard for security and delivers true self-sovereign data management in a user-friendly, mobile-first experience.

Step 1

Input Data & Create Vault Key

FrostByte encrypts and stores any data format, including documents, images, private keys, backup passphrases, etc.

When initiating encryption, you authorize either a single user or multiple individuals whose credentials are used to generate a cryptographic vault key.

A multi-user vault key is split into shards, one for each authorized keyholder, and encrypted with its own separate password.

You may specify a minimum number of keyholders needed to unlock the secure vault with their identity credentials going forward.

These authorized keyholders can be conveniently replaced without accessing the vault in the process—an invaluable feature for individuals and enterprises alike.

Step 2

Store & Manage Keys

Encrypted data is securely stored offline in your device’s cache and/or hardware memory, separate from the electronic data, identity credentials, and vault key, and is accessible only within the app.

By eliminating the need for centralized storage systems, sensitive user data becomes virtually phish-proof. You maintain total control and are the sole custodian of your data. No one, not even FrostByte, ever has access to any of your user input or secret data. To better serve businesses, the app allows centralized multi-user encryption and decryption key management of offline assets, giving enterprises all the benefits of a password manager minus the risk.

"No one, not even FrostByte, ever has access to any of your user input or secret data."

Step 3

Access Vault & Decrypt Data

Data can be decrypted after the vault key and the collective credentials of any keyholders are successfully input and verified by the app.

That input is used to algorithmically recombine the shards and recreate the device owner’s original vault key. Then, a decryption key is derived and reveals your secret data.

Any authorized user can complete this process to store and access data from their own devices.

FrostByte's Blockchain Integration

FrostByte has a high conviction in Cardano's technology, high degree of decentralisation, awesome community and fantastic growth potential. Cardano's low transaction fees, its ability to use native tokens to settle transaction costs and its upcoming smart contract technology  make it the best and most suitable decentralised network for FrostByte to operate and build on, particularly from a security and decentralisation perspective.

However, until the Cardano network is fully deployed, has full functionality and has been thoroughly tested, FrostByte will in the interim, consider launching on an Ethereum layer 2 solution in order to provide full security and complete transactional capability to its users.

A non-US affiliate of FrostByte Inc. will be launching a token to provide utility to the future blockchain integration of the mobile app.